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working  since 2005

a socially oriented non-financial development institution and a major organizer of international conventions, congress, exhibitions, business, social and sporting, public, and cultural events. The Foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of facilitating the development of Russia’s economic potential, promoting its national interests, and strengthening the country’s image

We are  working on developing partnerships with foreign government organizations and private entities involved in international trade, investment, and the development of the business environment. Today, the Foundation’s regional partners include more than 100 organizations worldwide – business associations, development institutions, chambers of commerce, and business councils.

  • Delegate management services
  • Event management
  • Setting up and running an information centre
  • Assisting innovations
  • International and regional cooperation
  • Organizing cultural events, filmmaking
  • Organizing concerts
  • Festivals
  • Services management
  • Information and media support


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Zhejiang (Anji) Export Online Fair 2020 

More than 40 enterprises from Zhejiang Huzhou Anji were a part of this unique online exhibition through a video conference. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on economies and societies. As an attempt to ease the shortage of Green building materials supplies in Russia and Central-East European, Bureau of commerce of Anji District ,has created this unique online platform to provide a solution for enterprises, when they are unable to take part in an on-ground exhibition in Russia and Central-East European countries. This Online Fair gives a legal, practical, reliable, and affordable way to trade; giving full play to the numbers of Zhejiang Huzhou Anji economic advantages. Use of big data, mobile internet social community-integrated digital solutions, such as precision docking. Zhejiang (ANJI) chairs and other green building materials product of procurement required in these countries to keep the international supply chain in mind. The Fair began from 14th, Sep.2020, with more than 40 enterprises from Russia and Central-East European, and related institutions along with 40 high-quality Zhejiang manufacturers were taking part in accurate online docking and exact matching through internet cloud video conferencing technology. Russia and Central-East European’s families pay attention to adornment quality, given the characteristics of the building materials & office chair market, Chinese building materials and office chairs products are perfect regarding quality and price. Hence, the export market in Russia and Central-East European has apparent advantages. During the online Fair, digital services such as cloud exhibitions, cloud promotion, and cloud negotiation for the exhibitors will also be provided by Zhejiang province. All aspects and multiple dimensions will be displayed in the exhibits so that the overseas buyers can have a more intuitive understanding of the shows and relevant information and promote the online transaction between the supply and demand sides. 


 COVID-19 уже не мешает успешному ведению бизнеса. В Китае нашли решение, и, несмотря на то, что посещать выставки в поисках надежных поставщиков временно невозможно, расширять границы своего бизнеса  , тем не менее сейчас еще проще  чем раньше. Министерство торговли провинции Чжэцзян , выступая в лице Организатора предлагает Российским компаниям принять участие в Экспортной  Онлайн Выставке "Текстиль 2020". Мероприятие направлено на содействие развитию китайско-российского торгового сотрудничества, увеличение продаж. Участникам предоставлена платформа для демонстрации высококачественной продукции, которая организована таким образом, что общение происходит "лицом к лицу" закупщиками. 

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